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ICON boasts 110 years of combined condominium specific management experience at its executive level. Our most experienced executives provide a vision of service and a unique ‘hands on’ philosophy rarely seen in the industry today. We strongly believe in an on site presence and feel that we are uniquely suited to provide your community with a superior brand of professional management services.

Condominium Specific Property Management Since 1995

Serving the Toronto condominium community for 25 years, Icon property management is considered by many experts in the field, to be one of the finest condominium management companies in The Toronto Area. We are convinced that your building will be well served by the unique skill set the principals at Icon bring to the table. Icon prides itself on being a leader in the utilization of state of the art technology, providing its clients with unique access to Internet based applications.

What makes ICON different?

We have a philosophy that Condominium Management is essentially a branch of hospitality management. We pride ourselves on saying yes and making things happen. All too often Property Management Companies try to dictate to Board of Directors rather than the other way around. We will custom tailor our Management style to suit the needs of your building its residents and The Board of Directors. In our experience prudent Condominium Management allows Boards to be policy driven rather than micro managers because of ineffective Management. We believe in team building and advanced communications, buildings and boards are best served when there is passion and consistency of personnel and service, chronic turnover in our experience only leads to discord.

Let ICON’s lead team of experienced and capable individuals show you the way! We can assure you that we will work diligently to effect positive change. We are available for consultation at any time.

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