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Safety is the number 1 priority of any management company, it is imperative in multi-residential buildings.  Icon- Condo Property Management Company Toronto believes that when you have a large number of people to protect, it becomes a bit more complicated than just an escape map posted on the wall. Icon-  Condo Property Management Company Toronto values everyone’s right to be safe.


Ways We Can Be Proactive In Case of Emergency by Icon-  Condo Property Management Company Toronto

  • Fire Extinguishers

Every unit should have an extinguisher to stop small kitchen fires at the source. However, it is essential that you know how to work your fire extinguisher. Do not attempt to put out a fire if you don’t know how to use an extinguisher; get to safety instead.


  • Sprinkler Systems

Condo Property Management Company Toronto

In an ideal world, fires wouldn’t spread, but when they do, a sprinkler system could help slow the spread. Sprinkler systems work by essentially running a bunch of pipes through the ceilings that carry cold water. Icon –  Condo Property Management Company Toronto  recommends the use of sprinkler systems. When the sprinkler head senses fire, it will set off the alarm and immediately spray water on the fire. Sprinklers are not foolproof, and you must still seek safety out of the building.

  • Clear Pathways

Condo Property Management Company Toronto

It is crucial during an emergency that there are no obstacles to your escape. Keep all hallways and stairwells clear. A lobby full of furniture will make everyone’s escape slow, and people will get trampled in the panic. Furniture should be placed nearer to the perimeter walls.

  • Smoke Alarms 

Condo Property Management Company Toronto

There must be smoke alarms in adequate places around the building to pick up smoke from any direction. It is also important to check these smoke alarms frequently, and the batteries are changed when needed.

  • Clear Signage

Condo Property Management Company Toronto

All exits should be clearly marked, and escape maps should be posted on every floor. Every resident should also have a copy of the map and any other of the safety plan documents. 

No one expects to be in an emergency evacuation. Still, it is important to think, about how you would handle an emergency if it ever occur.  Then, you are adequately prepared to make a swift and safe escape. It is essential to have a safety plan that all condominium residents know so that everyone knows what to do in that situation. If ever a change is made to the safety plan, all residents must be sent all relevant documents. 

Condo Property Management Company Toronto

Icon Condo Property Management Company Toronto cares. Next time you’re at your building look at the safety measures in place. If you feel like there should be more bring it up at the next board meeting.




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